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Report: All Individuals

Description: All Individuals sorted by Surname

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Matches 101 to 150 of 13638

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# Full Name Sex Birth Date Death Date Spouse Name
101 Eustachia F BASSET Thurstan, II
102 Hawyse F MAUDUIT William, I
103 Ermentrude F CAMBRAI Castellan de, II
104 Adelize F ABETOT Urse d'
105 Wulfthryth F WESSEX Aethelred of, I
106 Alienor F THOUARS Aymery de, II
107 Aremburge F THOUARS Aymery de, I
108 Adeltrude F NANTES Wipert de
109 Hildegarde F CANOSSA Adalbert di
110 Judith F BOUZONVILLE Adalbert de
111 Gisele F BOUZONVILLE Gerard de, I
112 King Dungal of Ossory M 0842
113 Ricoaire F SEMUR Joeeran Seigneur de, Count in Brionais
114 Armenbourge F CHATEAU DE LOIRE Robert Seigneur de
115 Ermengarde F CHALONS Giselbert Count de, de Burgogne
116 Allrawal M
117 Adelindis F THURGOVIE Guerin Count in
118 Willinswinsa F HESBAYE Robert Count de
119 Emese F MAGYAR Ogvek leader of the
120 Dinedobel M
121 Hilda F YORK Thored Ealdorman of
122 Eachaid Mogmadon Irish King M
123 Fedelmia F DALRIADA Donart King of the Scottish
124 Ponce F MARCHE Adelbert III Count de la
125 Adeliza F PEVEREL William
126 Offa M
127 Urban M
128 Carnwydd M
129 Pablo Post M
130 Bryccan M
131 St. Elen Lwyddog F ROME Magnus Maximus of, Emperor of the West
132 Gwengenew M
133 Cunebald M
134 Cnebba M
135 Icel M
136 Eomer M
137 Angeltheow M
138 Anna F DEHEUBARTH Gwywg Prince of
139 Wymarche F
140 Bertha F FITZ-ROGER Walter
141 Flora F VANDALS Gondeguslus (Corsico) King of the
142 Gunhilda F DENMARK Harold I 'Blaatand' King of
143 Adloyse F SAY Robert de
144 Emmelina F HESDING Arnulph de
145 Argentael F BRITTANY Nomenoe King of
146 Geila F CREIL Yves Seigneur de
147 Godehaut, of Pothieu F BELLEME Yves de
148 Herleve F CORBEIL Mauger de
149 Godehildis F EVEREUX Richard 2nd Count d'
150 Bertrade F MONTFORT Amauri II de

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